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The first institutional body to bring the Islamic nation together

Muslim Council

The Muslim Council of Elders is an independent international organization that was established in Ramadan 21, 1435 Hijri (July 18, 2014) to promote peace In the Muslim communities. The Council unites Muslim scholars, experts and dignitaries who are known for their wisdom, sense of justice, independence and moderateness. They will work together to promote peace, to discourage infighting and to address the sources of conflict, divisiveness and fragmentation in Muslim communities.

Based in the United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi, the Council is the first institutional body that aims to bring the Islamic nation together by extinguishing the fire that threatens Islam’s humanitarian values and principles of tolerance, and putting an end to the sectarianism and violence that have plagued the Muslim world for decades.

Chairman of the Board

His Eminence Grand Imam Shaikh of al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyib

Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyib was born in al-Qurna village, Luxor in 06 January 1946. He was raised in his village and educated in al-Azhar. He memorized the Holy Quran and read the scientific texts following al-Azhar true method. Then, he joined the college of theology in Cairo where he studied doctrine and philosophy and graduated with distinction in 1969.

Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyib worked in many universities in the Islamic world, and participated in many conferences and international events. He was also honored with many medals for his valuable scholarly status in the Arab and Islamic world.

General Secretary

Dr Sultan Faisal Al Remeithi

Dr Sultan Faisal Al Remeithi, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Elders, boasts a glittering background as a university professor, novelist and academic interpreter who has held various senior management positions during his nearly 20-year career. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the United Arab Emirates University with his research project titled ‘Governmental Marketing of Zakah using Social Media Platforms’. 

He is the former General Manager of the Publishing Department at Abu Dhabi Media, as well as the former Executive Director at the Executive Council in the Government of Ajman, a role he held for ten years. During that time, he helped formulate and implement various administrative policies aimed at improving the performance, efficiency and quality of government work.

He also possesses eight years of parliamentary experience in the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, where he worked as the Director of Information Systems Management. 

His most prominent personal achievements include membership of Supreme Arbitration Committees in various Government Excellence Programs, as well as representing the United Arab Emirates in a number local and international conferences and fairs, alongside winning the ‘Al Owais Cultural Award’. In 2020, he received the Medal of Sciences and Arts of the First Order from the President of Egypt, for his services in promoting tolerance, peace and coexistence.

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